Windsor hosts a variety of enrichment programs to offer children social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth experiences. Exposing children to learning and discovery early in life is critical because the brain is developing so rapidly. These experiences promote confidence in their daily lives and encourage children to try new things.

Programs are offered by vendors at an additional cost and by Windsor staff at no cost. Enrichment offerings vary by location.

Music and Movement

Music and movement bring another dimension of beauty into our lives and benefit a child’s development in many ways. They learn to be aware of movement and body positions. They improve balance, coordination, and rhythm. Through music, children refine their listening skills, and take an internal experience and transform it into a shared creative experience.

Music Together

Every child should be able to experience the benefits of having a strong music component at the core of their educational. We are excited to offer Music Together, a distinguished research-based music curriculum, as part of the Windsor Academy program!

Indian Folk and Bollywood Dance

Folk songs, and corresponding dances, are chosen from all over India. Bollywood style of dancing involves a range of upbeat music and dance, combining Bhangra, Kathak, Jazz, Ballet, and hip-hop.

Hawaiian Dance

Hula is a Polynesian dance form that dramatizes the words of the oli (chant) or mele (song) in a visual dance form. Children in this class learn about the Hawaiian culture and the idea that dances can tell a story.


Positive early experiences with sports can foster a life-long love for being active. Classes are age-appropriate and focus more on skill development and exploration rather than competition. Children develop social and motor skills, increase attention span, and improve self-confidence. Above all, it’s fun!


Our play-based gymnastics vendor brings all necessary gymnastics equipment (stilts, balance beam, parachute, etc.). The 30-minute classes are held onsite at Windsor. Classes focus on improving coordination, balance, and strength. The instructor writes curriculum information for parents on the whiteboard at the front entrance.


Our soccer vendor teaches soccer skills in a fun, play-based way with soccer games and exercises. The 30-minute classes are held onsite in the school’s yard. The focus is on developing children’s motor skills, laying a solid foundation for their pre-soccer skills, and, most of all, nurturing a passion for the game at an early age!

Karate (Mary Location only, offsite)

Karate enhances concentration, builds strength and balance, and promotes self-esteem. Children have fun while growing mentally, physically, and emotionally. And the children love earning belts for their uniforms!


Young children have an amazing capacity to pick up new languages. Our focus is to expose children to the sounds of the language and, most importantly, experience the intense cognitive exercise that goes into learning a new language. On a higher level, language exposure supports children’s multicultural identities, connecting us all and making the world feel like a smaller place.


A meaningful monthly Spanish language theme integrates Spanish into children’s everyday lives. Themes like eating lunch to going to the park make daily routines into fun language adventures.


Children play games, act out dramas, read stories, and sing songs in Hindi. The novel concept of using script, rather than letters, is discussed. Children learn a new Hindi poem each month.


In a physically active learning environment, children jump, dance, and clap as they learn Mandarin. Children learn the difference between letters and Chinese characters. They also explore calligraphy and Chinese folk dance.