Infosessions are the first step for parents considering Windsor Preschool, offering the opportunity to understand our school’s unique mission and program. Infosessions are adult-only events and childcare is not available. Children are welcome for subsequent, age-appropriate visits.

At an infosession, families can expect a presentation covering:

  • Our philosophy & approach to curriculum
  • Who the teachers are and what matters to them
  • Our commitment to parent-teacher communication

Infosessions are hosted at the 260 South Mary Ave. facility* on select Thursdays and run 10:15am-12:00pm. The session begins at 10:15am sharp. A campus tour (which includes the opportunity to speak directly with teachers) is followed by a presentation and Q&A session. Families are welcome to leave early.

*For those interested in our Mountain View location, on 908 Rengstorff Avenue, please attend an infosession in Sunnyvale to get the process started. We will open December 2017.

Next Steps after Infosession

After the infosession, families submit an Admission Application with a $175 application fee.

Then families, along with their children, are invited for a classroom shadow visit.



Windsor Academy accepts children from 2-5 years of age. Children will be placed in classrooms based on their age and developmental maturity.

Children are chosen based on age eligibility, application materials, and a classroom shadow visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will my child do each day?

A: Click here to view the daily schedule.